MS Word Repair

Have you witnessed below mentioned issues with MS Word Application or Files?
  • Unable to open (.doc) or (.docx) file.
  • MS Word hangs up when you try to open any particular word file.
  • Getting unknown error messages while opening (.doc) or (.docx) files.
  • Word file displays unknown texts or characters when you opened it.

Well, if your answer is “ Yes ” and you are no able to access your MS Word file, then it is quite certain that your (.doc) or (.docx) file has corrupted somehow. And in order to restore its content or data, you have to repair it using Word Repair Tool which will effectively repair your corrupt (.doc) or (.docx) files without modifying its original text, headers/footers, images, fonts, hyperlinks or others.

MS Word file recovery

How MS Word (.doc) & (.docx) Files Corrupt – Causes Behind the Issue!

There are numerous reasons that cause the MS Word file to corrupt or damage and leaves it inaccessible. Such situations are very strenuous when you have important things to do with it. Some of the corruption issues are explained below –

  • Upgrading the application to its latest version may leave the files inaccessible.
  • Virus attacks that insert unwanted texts in the document can damage the original text in the Word file.
  • Abrupt system shutdown while processing Word file can cause severe corruption to it.
  • Accidental changes or alteration in the document and its content due to CRC error or such can corrupt the file.
  • At times file transfer from one place to another within the same storage media or other can corrupt the file as well.
  • OS re-installation can also corrupt the existing word file though such cases rarely happen.

How to Repair Corrupt/Damaged/Inaccessible Word Files?

Once Word file is corrupted or say your data stored in the file become inaccessible, repairing that file and restoring the data is the only option left. You can restore the backup of the corrupt files if you have but people just don't tend to do backup their Word files often, so using the third party utility is the only way out. In this context you can use Word File Repair Tool which is especially designed to repair and recover corrupt or inaccessible (.doc) and (.docx) files back. It extracts the content from the file and rebuilds a new healthy file that you can access easily. It effectively recovers document texts along with its other important stuffs like indentation, formatting, charts, hyperlinks, images, tables etc. This powerful tool even repairs the severely damaged DOC files in seconds and save you from great disaster in work. So just download DOC Repair Tool straight away and repair & restore your Word files in seconds.

Features of MS Word Repair Software

  • Safely Repair & Recovers MS Word Files – Using its advanced and sophisticated algorithm it repairs corrupt files of extension of (.doc) & (.docx) and recovers its content to a safe and secured location along with its original formatting for later use.
  • Shows the Preview of Word Files – Once the scanning of the files completes you will be able to preview the files to be repaired and recovered. You have the option to see the preview in three different formats namely – ‘Full Document’, ‘Filtered Text’ and ‘Raw Text’.
  • Covers Almost all Word File Corruption Errors – Very often you encounter error messages while accessing Word files and if you are using this powerful tool then all those messages were gone as it effectively resolves minor file corruption issues along with the complex ones.
  • Generates Log Report – After completion of the Word file repair and recovery, it gives you the option to save its log file. Log files are very important as they contain all the information regarding the last repair or recovery made.
  • Easy to Use & Self- Explanatory Interface – This advanced repair tool has very simple and intuitive user interface that any computer user can use without any hassle.